PVC leather V26 NP


Silk pattern leather V26 NP The surface of the leather has a smooth, beautiful pattern similar to that of silk, giving a lustrous feel and reflecting light, suitable for sofa work or a bed headboard. When covered, the work covered will be more beautiful and luxurious. Thickness: 0.8 mm. Width (Width): 54" Length (Length): 40 yd. Cloth Back Type : Cloth Back

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V26-90007_NP V26-20746_NP V26-20791_NP V26-20894_NP V26-20895_NP V26-21085_NP V26-21086_NP V26-31889_NP V26-31902_NP V26-31923_NP V26-40354_NP V26-70052_NP V26-90001_NP V26-90002_NP V26-90003_NP V26-90004_NP V26-90006_NP V26-90649_NP V26-90662_NP V26-90688_NP


silk pattern PVC leather V26 NP

The leather has a smooth surface, beautiful patterns, similar to silk, giving a feeling of glittering, reflecting light, suitable for sofa or bedside. Once covered, the covered work will be more beautiful and luxurious.
***Skin gloss will be lower than V26 NA***

Thickness: 0.8mm.
Width: 54“
Length: 40 yards.
Backing type: shaved backing


Retail price : 91 ฿/yard
Wholesale price : 86 ฿/yard


* The color of the product in the picture may be slightly different depending on the monitor used. You can see product samples at Toyota's showroom.

V26-90007 NP

V26-20746 NP

V26-20791 NP

V26-20894 NP

V26-20895 NP

V26-21085 NP.

V26-2086 NP

V26-31889 NP

V26-31902 NP

V26-31923 NP

V26-40354 NP

V26-70052 NP

V26-90001 NP

V26-90002 NP

V26-90003 NP

V26-90004 NP

V26-90006 NP

V26-90649 NP

V26-90662 NP

V26-90688 NP

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