PVC Leather #AR


Artificial leather PVC (Code) AR, Behind stretch fabric, (Thickness) 0.7 mm. (Width) 54". (Length) 50 yd.

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AR ขาว AR เขียวตอง AR ดำ AR แดง AR ส้ม


Artificial leather PVC (Code) AR

Suitable for mattresses and paddocks, sofa cladding, upholstery, headboard covering, furniture work. DIY upholstery of motorcycle seats because of its smooth gloss. Does not eat skin.


(Thickness) : 0.7 mm.

(Width) : 54"

(Length) : 50 yd.

Fabric back type : Behind stretch fabric.


Retail Price : 70 ฿/yd

Wholesale price : 65 ฿/yd


*The color of the item in the image may be slightly distorted depending on the monitor used. You can preview the product at the Toda showroom.*

AR ขาว

AR เขียวตอง

AR ดำ

AR แดง

AR ส้ม

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