Interior Film (pvc)

Interior Film TODA or interior decoration film with built-in quality adhesive. that answers the needs of those who want to decorate the interior or areas such as lobbies, elevators,
and furniture It is also environmentally friendly. Helps reduce the short time and limitations
of the work site. With its thickness and light weight, TODA film is flexible.
It ensures fast installation on a variety of surfaces and clean, odor-free style.
TODA interior decoration film has various patterns for customers to choose from according
to their needs, such as solid color, wood pattern, stone pattern,
marble pattern, and metal pattern.
Moreover, TODA PVC is an expert in PVC product development in Thailand for 40 years.
As a result, TODA products are popular and trusted by users for a long time.


เมตร, Premium Wood 922-01

Interior Film TODA | 1.22 m x 50 m x 0.35mm.

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