Interior Film Metal 0.30mm


Interior Film TODA | 1.22 m x 50 m x 0.30mm.


เมตร ม้วน


Metal 923-01 Metal 923-02 Metal 923-03 Metal 923-04 Metal 923-05 Metal 923-06 Metal 923-07 Metal 923-08 Metal 923-09 Metal 923-10 Metal 923-11



Retail Price : 420 Bath/M
Wholesale price : 380 Bath/M

Interior Film TODA or interior decoration film with built-in quality adhesive. that answers the needs of those who want to decorate the interior or areas such as lobbies, elevators, and furniture It is also environmentally friendly. Helps reduce the short time and limitations of the work site.

With its thickness and light weight, TODA film is flexible. It ensures fast installation on a variety of surfaces and clean, odor-free style.

TODA interior decorative film Customers choose a variety according to their needs. for customers to choose from, including solid colors, wood patterns, stone patterns, marble patterns, and metal patterns. TODA PVC is also an expert in PVC product development in Thailand for 40 years. Make TODA's products popular and trusted by users for a long time.

Eco-friendly TODA is a film that is environmentally friendly and cares about the health of users.

Heavy Metal is free of harmful heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, hexavalent, etc.).

No formaldehyde (HCHO), which is a cause of health problems in the eyes, nose, throat, lower body, and skin. Reduces the evaporation of organic substances (TVOC, toluene, etc.)

Does not contain phthalates (DEHP) that affect the body's hormones.

Passed the international standard fire spread test EN 13501-1 Class B-s1, d0

Passes the safety standards for children's products that are safety requirements regarding hazardous chemicals.

Has excellent efficiency in inhibiting mold growth. which helps maintain a pleasant surrounding environment

50 meter length allows installation over long areas without joints.

Width 1.22 meters, equal to MDF HMR plywood or lightweight wall panels.

Thickness 0.30 mm. Use a hot air dryer to stretch it for easy installation.

Grid glue technology (Air Free) helps expel air bubbles. Quick installation

Reduce steps in collecting corners Can be wrapped instead of closing one side at a time.

Waterproof, does not mold. Can be wiped clean with water and a clean cloth moistened with water for general cleaning.

No need to paint the seams. Prevents color mismatch problems

No dust and bad smell After installation is complete, you can use it immediately.

There is no sound while installing. Use only tools, namely cutters and irons.

Prepare equipment for installation such as cutter / film iron / hot air dryer.
Measure the size of the area or workpiece to be installed. and cut the film according to size
Adjust the surface to be smooth and even. (If the original surface is smooth, it can be installed immediately)
Apply Primer to the surface to help the film stick more firmly. (Or the film can be applied to the surface immediately)
Peel off the paper behind the film. And start installing the film from the middle first and then rolling the film downwards.
Check the installation part for completeness.



Metal 923-01

Metal 923-02

Metal 923-03

Metal 923-04

Metal 923-05

Metal 923-06

Metal 923-07

Metal 923-08

Metal 923-09

Metal 923-10

Metal 923-11

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