PVC Leather #J11


Artificial leather PVC (Code) J11, Behind stretch fabric, (Thickness) 0.8 mm. (Width) 54". (Length) 40 yd.

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J11-35 J11-343 J11-T309 J11-31261 J11-T312 J11-40102 J11-90076 J11-1579


Artificial leather PVC (Code) J11

Soft, slippery surface for comfort The fabric back is flexible and does not tear easily, suitable for sofa, upholstery, chair and DIY work. 

Advantages of leather J11 

-Good price.

-Easy to clean.

-Durable, not easy to tear.

-Lifespan 3-5 years.

Disadvantages of leather J11

-The surface is harder than genuine leather.

-If it is very frictive, it will be crispy and cracked.

-Does not tolerate sweltering weather.

How to care for artificial leather J11

-If there is dirt stains, water a clean cloth moistened with warm water and wipe the cloth clean.
-If it is a liquid that is difficult to clean, wipe it off with water and soap, or you can use a leather cleanser.
-Avoid all kinds of sharp objects, do not touch the leather, it will cause the leather to break.

The number of orders will be based on the number of yards.

If the customer wants to be a roll, please indicate in the note box.

(Thickness) : 0.8 mm.

(Width) : 54"

(Length) : 40 yd.

Fabric back type : Behind stretch fabric

Retail Price : 86 ฿/yd

Wholesale price : 75 ฿/yd


*The color of the item in the image may be slightly distorted depending on the monitor used. You can preview the product at the Toda showroom.*









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