Furniture lining, Polyester 100% It has waterproof properties. width 58" weight 220 g/sq.m.


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Furniture lining code FA#893

It is a specially woven fabric. It has an ultra-small yarn size, sandwiched with the fabric on the back for better quality. Suitable for chairs, sofa cushions.
Office furniture and bed base

 Advantages of furniture linings

-It helps to be waterproof to a certain extent.

-Abrasion resistant, no skin irritation

-Soft and comfortable. Good ventilation and heating

-No cracking, no flaking.

Disadvantages of furniture linings

-Thanks to its fabric properties, it is prone to dust.

-There is a chance of water seeping if the water spills down and then do not rush to clean it.

How to clean furniture linings

-When water spills, immediately wipe it with a dry cloth or tissue before the water seeps into the cloth.

-If there is dirt stains, water a clean cloth moistened with warm water and wipe the cloth clean.

-If it is a liquid that is difficult to clean, wipe it off with water moistened with soap.

-When used for 1-2 years, dust may appear in the fabric.

-Avoid all kinds of sharp objects, do not touch the fabric, it will cause the fabric to break.


weight : 220 gsm/sqm.

width : 58"


Retail Price : 75 ฿/yd

Wholesale price : 64 ฿/yd

The number of orders will be based on the number of yards.

If the customer wants to be a roll, please indicate in the note box.


*The color of the item in the image may be slightly distorted depending on the monitor used. You can preview the product at the Toda showroom.*










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