Sack 72" Coated 1 Face Blue White #3 (40 yd)


72" sack coated 1 page Blue and white woven from PP plastic


Blue-and-white sacks, blue sheets or straw cloths

  Made of PP plastic filament, it is a material that is woven together into a piece of cloth or sack. High durability, difficult to tear Reusable multiple times

Usage Can be used for mushroom greenhouses, making tent cloth, rainproof, rice baking plastic, rice medicine plastic. Used to lay flooring in the product yard, cover the soil, make blinds around the construction, dustproof, stone-proof. In construction, used in packing, shipping, cladding products. It can be used to cover the back of a pickup truck, wrap the product, prevent the loss of the product during transportation, etc.

Another type with high durability is

Coated straw fabric It is a sticky plastic filament and then weaved together into a fabric, making it highly durable, difficult to inject and can be used many times.

Usage It can be used both for work for making mushroom nurseries. Bring mulching. It is used as a floor covering for drying goods. Used to cover the car floor, prevent bouncing goods, dust proof for construction, wrapping products for transportation of goods, or curing concrete pillars.


width : 72" 

length : 40 yd/Roll


Price : 631 ฿/Roll

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