Nano Polyester fabric (Holland) #010


Nano Polyester fabric (Holland) #010 รหัส 010 Genuine leather pattern, waterproof property, width 57", weight 340 grams/sqm.

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Specially woven fabrics are thick and soft, giving a soft and comfortable feeling. Along with cooling and being waterproof as well Suitable for making designer beds, headboards, sofas, and stools.


component : Polyester 100%

weight : 340 gsm.

width : 57"

Advantages of Holland fabrics

Helps to waterproof to a certain extent.
- resistant to abrasion Does not irritate the skin
- soft, comfortable, well ventilated and heated.
- Does not crack, flake, does not cause flaky . Disadvantages of Holland fabric.
- with fabric properties Causing the chance of dust
- There is a chance of water seeping if the water spills and does not rush to clean it. how to clean holland cloth
- When there is water spilled, wipe it with a dry cloth or tissue immediately before the water absorbs into the cloth. - service that has stains, dirt Soak a clean cloth with warm water. Wipe the cloth clean.
- if it's liquid difficult to clean Let a cloth dampened with soapy water wipe it off.
- When used for a long time, 1-2 years, there may be dust in the fabric. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out.
- Avoid sharp objects of all kinds. not to touch the cloth will cause the fabric to be torn

Retail price: 128 baht/yard

roll price: 86 baht/yard







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