NO.120  'Macrame'

Many people may not know 'Macrame', an ancient Greek word meaning 'tying or knitting a rope to create a pattern'. It is an art of knitting long ropes that has gained popularity all over the world due to its simple basic patterns, which can be used in a variety of materials, from umbrella ropes to leather ropes. Candle ropes, plastic strands, or Japanese silk can be used to create patterns for many crafts, such as lamps, curtains, tree hangers, pillowcases, and even chic bags.

Colors can be distorted. It depends on many factors, such as the display of the mobile computer screen.

Adjusting the lighting on the computer or mobile screen


1 coil rope weighing 500 grams

Weight : 5 kg./bag

Quantity : 10 coils/bag


Price : 156 Baht/kg.

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